Safety Signage

safety-signageIn the event of a fire with sounders blaring and lights flashing, it is essential to know exactly what to do and that the path to safety is clearly marked even in fading visibility. In addition, Fire Signs clearly instruct on the type and use of the fire equipment, so that it can be used effectively. The use of Signage is therefore an essential part of your fire safety policy and important that it is installed to comply with the recommendations of BS 5499:2002

Balmoral can supply a comprehensive range of Safety Signs. Our Signs range from Custom made signs, Fire Extinguisher Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Fire Alarm Signs to any Sign that may be required. These all come in a variety of styles and materials, including

  • Wall Mounted
  • Post Mounted
  • Metal
  • Adhesive.

In addition our custom made Signs can be linked to existing life safety systems i.e Fire Alarm System. These Signs can also be illuminated when required.