Public Address/Voice Alarms

public-address-voice-alarmA Voice Alarm System is not just a Public Address system connected to a Fire Alarm. A Voice Alarm system has to be monitored and designed to work in an emergency situation. Pre-recorded messages need to be clear and legible, to allow safe evacuation of the premises. Live announcements can also be provided in addition. The system can be set up to provide a safe means of escape through phased evacuation.

Our Experienced Designers can provide you with a simple P.A system to a full Voice systems designed to BS5839 Part 8. We can provide a range of systems from speech sounders wired directly onto the addressable loop to Voice Alarms systems with Fire systems using the protocol of the detection Ie Apollo’s XP-95

Our P.A./V.A. product & services include:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free design and specification of the P.A./V.A. system
  • Free quotation
  • Full installation, Commission, Training & support servicess