Fire Alarms

Apollo Smoke detector fire alarm bristol The Fire Alarm is an essential part of the life safety systems and not only detects and reports a fire, but acts as a control panel for other fire auxiliary devices. In addition the fire panel signals to other reporting and monitoring systems. There are a number of different types of fire alarm, Including Wireless Fire Alarms and our knowledge experience enables to choose the most appropriate.

Balmoral Systems have been working within the fire industry since 1997. Right from the beginning we were installing and maintaining large network addressable Fire alarm systems within the U.K and as far afield as Chile and
Abu Dhabi and our home city of Bristol

From simple Conventional systems to large Network sites with P.C Graphics, Balmoral can design, supply, install and maintain a complete Fire System to satisfy your requirements.

Balmoral Systems have many customers  with NHS, Shops, commercial premises and local businesses.

Customer Testimonials

 “All the staff at Balmoral are very helpful and always courteous.” Mr C J – Somerset

Conventional Systems

Small to Medium Size Buildings
This is the simplest and very common system. It involves the wiring of fire devices throughout a building. The audio visual devices are connected on a separate circuit and either can be wall mounted or fixed under the detector.

  • Single to multi zone panels available.
  • The system will only provide zoned indication of a fire incident
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • Not tie to one manufacturer
  • Full range of accessories and devices available.

Two Wire Systems This is a different type of system, where the detectors and sounders are operated on the same radial. It is quicker to install than a standard conventional system, as no separate sounder circuit is required. This system is ideal for new installations, small blocks of flat and Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm

Medium to Large Buildings

The analogue addressable fire system provides identification to the exact position of a fire incident. The fire panel indicates the zone which the detector has been activated and text identifying the area or room. This allows the fire to be dealt with far quicker than the previously described conventional systems and is the chosen product for the larger building.

  • All devices are controlled and powered from the loop.
  • Multiple types of detectors available.
  • Easy identification of fire
  • Detector compensating reducing false alarms
  • Sensitivity levels adjusted for individual areas
  • Differing types of audio visual devices
  • Reduced installation time

Complex Multi Site Systems

The fire safety system is an integral part of the building safety performing multiple tasks and working with other life safety systems.

  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Public Address Voice Activation
  • Security, Door Access
  • Lift control
  • Plant & Equipment Control
  • Disabled Alarms
  • Phased Evacuation

The reporting of incidents needs to be communicated to multiple personnel and this often includes reporting away from the site. We are experienced in designing systems which work across differing networks and protocols, communicating to multiple systems. Graphical Interfaces systems have immense benefit and clearly indentify the room, building and site of the fire incident. In addition the incident may be set up for viewing any where in the world (dependant on software limitation). We are highly experienced in the implementation and development of these types of systems